Journal Description

Founded in 2023, Advances in Economics & Financial Studies publishes original research that promises to advance our understanding of Economics & Financial Studies over diverse topics and research methods. This Journal welcomes research of significance across a wide range of primary and applied research methods, including analytical, archival, experimental, survey and case study. The journal encourages articles of current interest to scholars with high practical relevance for organizations or the larger society. We encourage our researchers to look for new solutions to or new ways of thinking about practices and problems and invite well-founded critical perspectives. We provide a forum for communicating impactful research between professionals and academics in Economics & Financial Studies research and practice with discusses and proposes solutions and impact the field. Advances in Economics & Financial Studies addresses a broad range of issues within the fields of finance and economics. Research involving financial institutions, financial policy, control issues for firms, central bank policy, risk and uncertainty, and the economics and financial dimensions of market and non-market phenomena, as well as more specialized topics, all fall within its purview.

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2024): February - May

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