Journal Description

Founded in 2023, Advances in Healthcare Research publishes original research that promises to advance our understanding of Health over diverse topics and research methods. This journal welcomes significant research across various primary and applied research methods, including analytical, archival, experimental, survey, and case study. The journal encourages articles of current interest to scholars with high practical relevance for organizations or the larger society. We encourage our researchers to look for new solutions to or new ways of thinking about practices and problems and invite well-founded critical perspectives. We provide a forum for communicating impactful research between professionals and academics in Health research and practice, discussing and proposing solutions, and impacting the field. Your published articles can be read and cited by researchers around the world. Advances in Healthcare Research is the journal that publishes scientific work in the field of Health in a broad sense, such as public health, nursing, midwifery, medicine, pharmacy, health psychology, nutrition, health technology, health analysis, health information systems, medical records, hospital management and so on. Advances in Healthcare Research is a peer-reviewed journal with a uniquely practical approach to promoting Health and social care to explore what is currently known about Health and social care by identifying new avenues for healthcare practice and policy internationally. The journal welcomes papers that use varied approaches, including discussion of theory, comparative studies, systematic evaluation of interventions, qualitative data analysis, and study of health and social care institutions.

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2024): March - August

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