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Founded in 2023, Advances: Journal of Economics & Business is dedicated to publishing original research that contributes to advancing knowledge in economics, management, and accounting. This esteemed journal encompasses various research topics and employs various rigorous methodologies. The publication welcomes significant research employing diverse primary and applied research methods, including analytic, archival, experimental, survey, and case studies.

The journal particularly encourages articles that hold substantial relevance to economics scholars while offering practical insights for organizations and society. We encourage researchers to explore innovative solutions and novel perspectives on practices and problems while inviting reasoned and critical analysis.

Advances: The Journal of Economics & Business is a platform for facilitating the exchange of impactful research among professionals and academics engaged in economic studies, management, and accounting research and practice. The journal aims to generate practical implications and field-level impacts by fostering discussions and proposing solutions. Published articles in our journal have the potential to reach and be referenced by researchers worldwide, amplifying the influence and reach of your work.

Vol. 2 No. 3 (2024): May - June

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